Sunday, May 29, 2011

And the Winners are.....????

Well, I was a few days late picking the winners for my blog contest but I finally got on the ball today!  I threw all the names into a hat as promised- yes it's a ball cap not a pointy witchy hat! 

It's part of my 'normal' disguise so when I go out in public, no one knows a Witch is in their midst haha.  Anyway, I decided to pull two names out and they are:


Dark Squirrel Victoria

Ok you two, get back to me with your addresses so I can send out the goodies!  To say thank you to all who commented, I'm offering a one time 15% discount on your total order (even the winners from the hat can use this) in my Etsy shop!  Just use the promo code ArtWitch1.  This is ONLY for people who entered the contest by commenting on my blog.  I really appreciate what you had to say and came up with a few ideas for future witch crafting.



Dark Squirrel Victoria said...

WooHoo!!! Thank you so much Grim!

Thank you for having this witchy giveaway :)


petoskystone said...

yea! woo-hoo! thank you *so* much :)

petoskystone said...

not sure how to email you, so:
jonquil alexia
18 cottage st.
derby, ct.

Kat of EmKatCreations said...

You've been tagged, my dear.