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Witchy publication seeking submissions!


Taking Submission for The Witches’ Hour Magazine, Spring Issue, #4 (Share w/Friends)

by Nyx DarkSky on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 5:11pm ·
Are you a Blogger, Writer, Author, Artist, have a Podcast?? The Witches' Hour Magazine is for people who are trying to get recognition, especially in this hard economy. Everybody has to start some where, right? Well, here's your chance to shine, be seen and heard.. ARTICLE SUBMISSION IS FREE.. All that is asked, what ever you submit YOU OWN..

So, Do you have a comment you'd like to say? A poem you'd like seen? A Garden Tip or Recipe you'd like to share? How about a Spell or Ritual you wrote you want to share? A Blog post you’d like everyone to read? Do you have a new piece of Art you’d like to show the world? A New Band you'd like to talk about?

All submissions get 100% full recognition with *YOUR* name and contact info in big bold letters under each submission.. So, Please make sure to add Authors Name / Email address, and any contact links (facebook/twitter/G+ etc) you want seen to the bottom of your article document. Thanks in advance, that one little step makes a huge difference on this end. Email:

Submissions MUST be received by ((March 15th)) IMPORTANT --
Please put (SPRING ISSUE #4) in the subject line…
(Expected Release for The Witches’ Hour Magazine,
Spring Issue, #4 is March 31,2012)

Side Note Please Read: If you submitted a previous article pertaining to a (Sabbat) and have not seen it published yet. Do Not Worry. All Sabbat submissions will be in The Witches’ Hour Magazine Special Sabbats Edition, Issue #3 -- (Expected Release March 1,2012) Yes, The Witches’ Hour Magazine editor has gone totally bonkers, and you heard correct. Their will be (2) issues posted in the month of March. #3 Special Issue Sabbat and #4 Spring Issue.

Why 2 issues at once? As some may know The Witches’ Hour Magazine hit a bump in the road at the end of 2011. However we have crossed that bump, and come out the other side for the better. With this being said, we had received fabulous Sabbat submissions in the process, and did not want anyone to feel as though they had been left out, or forgotten.. The Witches’ Hour Magazine is By The People, For The People and All Path’s Journeyed, and no one is forgotten or left out, and this is the reason for the (2) issues..

Blessings of Light and Love
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Measuring in 'parts'

After my Kyphi article, I've had several comments and emails asking me about measuring by 'parts'.  I will explain.  I grew up watching my Italian grandmother make her own pasta and bread doughs, her own sauces, and even candies without ever using measuring cups.  She would use handfuls and knew precisely how much of each ingredient to add in relation to each other.  I call this intuitive cooking: using a base tested recipe based on portions and then adding a pinch of this or that to it until it's just right.  Basically, if you have one part raisins to two parts flour you pick a vessel (your hand, a bowl, a cup, any measuring item) and fill it once with raisins and then twice with flour.  This way you can adjust the size of the recipe simply by the size of the vessel.  Use a larger bowl if you want more servings of your final creation or scale it down to a small cup or your hand for smaller finished amounts.  My hand holds about 1/4 cup so I can guess on most recipes with good accuracy.

So in the Kyphi recipe if I say 1 part honey to 3 parts wine, I will pick a vessel like a coffee mug and fill it once with honey and 3 times with wine.  It's pretty simple for me but I know some people panic without the exact cup, 1/4 cup, etc.  Hope that helps!