Building a Beautiful Book of Shadows

There are many lovely resources to help you craft your own spell books.  I have several pages and graphics that you may use for free in your personal journals.  Please credit me if you are going to post them publicly however.  You can find these on my blog here at

I love the artist SteelGoddess.  Above is an example of one of her lovely spell pages.  She has two online shops providing beautiful spell pages and potion labels.  Her work is printed on high quality acid free papers rather than being sent digitally for your to print.  I've added quite a few to my own journals and plan to purchase more of her work.
Her online catalog
Her Etsy shop

For the most exquisite grimoires, a bit pricy but just go drool over the pictures! visit Brahm's Bookworks.  These would make Harry Potter and Gandolph jealous!

Ahh the magic of the internet... so much knowledge at our fingertips.  Now, if I could just give up eating and sleeping I'd have time to read all this.  Here are several online libraries and resources for your metaphysical and magickal research.

Hermetics Resource Site

Internet Sacred Texts Archive

Culpepper's Complete Herbal: Bibliomania

Celtic Corpus of Electronic Texts

Twilit Grotto: Archives of Western Esoterica

Theoi Greek Mythology

Sacred Magick Esoteric Library

Real Magick: The shrine of knowledge

The Pagan Library

Luminarium: Irish folklore, mythology, & drama

Encyclopedia Mythica

Ancient Egypt: the mythology

Like countless seekers, I've found books and written resources to be invaluable.  Many many hours of personal serious study.  I will eventually expand this page but quickly here are some of my favorites. I also popped in the link to my Shelfari book shelf that can let you peruse the books and buy online.

Drawing Down the Moon,  Margot Adler
The Witches Bible Complete,  Stewart and Janet Farrar
Rites and Riots,  Bob Pegg
Pagan Europe,  Nigel Pennick
The Barbarian Conquest,  Peter Wells
Green Witchcraft,  and all subsequent books by Ann Moura
Night Battles,  Carlos Ginzburg
Aradia, the Gospel of Witches,   Charles Leland
The Golden Bough,   Sir James George Frazier (found the unabridged version!)

Shelfari: Book reviews on your book blog